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Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 18124772
Closing Date 08 - Feb - 2020  |  842 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Mass Flow Meter for Hfo Line(Is-1593).
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 23781399
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  163 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Ak 47 Rifle,Sniper Rifle,Mp-5 A3 Smg,Glock - 17 Pistol,Ubgl & Matching Grenades,Assault Rifles (7.62 X 39 Mm With,Accessories),Pnv Sight For 5.56 Insas Rifle,Assault Rifles,Mgl- (xrgl-40) Pac Basis,Socks Woolen Hy Khaki,Trouser Ecc,Spare Glasses For Goggles,Gs,Rescue Bag,Carrier Man Pack,Hot Water Bottle Rubber,Winter Overall,Bullet Proof Patka,Boot Ankle Textile(Jungle,Boot),Tent Extendable (4m),pf Huts (243 Nos),Pf Huts (1133 Nos),Pf Huts (1105 Nos),Bullet Resistant Jacket,Bullet Resistant Helmet,B.R.Vest,Non Linear Junction Detector,Fiber Optic Scope,Contactless Stethoscope,21 Different Types Of Bdd Eqpts,For 10 Cobra Units And,Rajasthan Sector (11 Nos),Dsmd,Hhti (un-cooled) Short Range,Dsmd,Ip Phones,Printers/Plotter,Switches/Firewalls For Old,Location,Full Body Protector For Kashmir,Based Units,Bullet Proof Mobile Morcha,5 Differential Hematology,Analyzer,Laparoscopy Set,Dental Chair,Non Linear Junction Detector,Tactical Blanket System,Ni-Mh Battery Pack For 5w,Hand Held Vhf Radio Sets,Li-Ion Battery Pack 14.8 V For,Vx-1210,Hf Manpack Transceiver Sets 25,W,Laser Printers For Crypto,Centre’s,Line Interactive Ups 1kva For,Crypto Centre’s,1/5, 25w Vhf With Assys For,North East Based Units,Tx/Rx Hf 100w With Assys,Vhf Repeater 45 W With Assys,Smf Battery 12 V 100 Ahc,Li-Ion Battery Pack For,Gp328/338,Ventilator,Cr System,Physiotherapy- Laser Therapy,Unit,Ground Penetrating Radar,(Gprs),Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv Against,Condemnation,43 Nos Bolero And 3 Nos Sumo,Gold,Various Type Of Vehicles For,Ciat Chittor (ciaz-01, Scorpio,S-4 Bs-Iv, 2 Wd -02),ambulance Against,Condemnation,Various Type Vehicles (ciaz,sigma(petrol)-03, Scorpio S-10,Bs-Iv 4wd- 04 Against,Condemnation.,scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv 4 Wd For,Sector/Range Hqr,Various Type Of Vehicles (,scorpio S-10-Bs-Iv 4wd-09,Nos Scorpio S-4 Plus Bs-Iv,2wd-03 Nos ) Against,Condemnation.,troops Carrier Against,Condemnation,Verna Vtvt 1.4 Ltr Against,Condemnation.,various Type Of Vehicles,Against Condemnation (ciaz,sigma(petrol)-01 Scorpio S10,Bs-Iv 4wd-14,Various Type Of Vehicles,Against Condemnation. ( Verna,Vtvt 1.4 Ltr -02, Scorpio-S-2,Plus Bs-Iv-01),Various Type Of Vehicles( Ciaz,Vxi-01, Verna (petrol) Vtvt,1.4 Ltr -01, Scorpio-S-10 Bsiv,,4wd) Against,Condemnation,Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv, 4wd,Ciaz Sigma For Cjswt,Belgaum,Various Type Of Vehicles(,M/Cycle-4, L/V-03, Medium,Vehicle-03, Heavy Vehicle-01,,Ambulance Cum Dog Van-01),For Newly Raised Dog Training,School At Taralu (karnatka),various Type Of Vehicles For,Ciat Chittor (m/vehicle- 0ne,Ton-02, Water Trcuk-02 And,H/Truck-04),Water Truck Against,Condemnation.,vehicles (h/truck-8 And,Water Truck-02) For Csjwt,,Belgaum( Karnatka.,various Type Of Vehicles( One,Ton-43, M/Bus-03, Fire,Tender-01, Water Truck-33,,Heavy Bus-10, Heavy Truck-,101 Against Condemnation.,various Type Of Vehicles Against,Condemnation From The Month,Of October,2017 To February,,2018 @ 30 Vehicles Per Month,Various Type Of Vehicles( Car-02,M/Cycle-12, L/Vehicle-,15ambulance-03,)Against,Condemnation.,various Type Of Vehicles Against,Condemnation From The Month,Of April-17 To September, 2017,@ 30 Vehicles Per Month.,anti Terrorist Vehicles(Atvs) For,The Kashmir Based Units.,recovery Van( 25 Against,Authorization + 03 Against,Condemnation),Explosive Van For 03 Cws(I,Ii &,iii),03 Nos Water Scooter,Armored Tata Safari Vehicles For,04 Vip Security Bns.,mobile Kitchen Van,Mpvs (out Of Total Authorized,352 Mpvs) Under Head Mv(G).,Ambulance Cum Dog Van For 19,Bdd Squad And 158 Ci Ops,Units Of Crpf.,water Canon For 10 Nos For L&O,Bns & 6 Nos For J&K Based Units,Lbpvs Against Condemnation.,mbpvs Against Condemnation.,de-mining Vehicles For Lwe,Area.,recovery Vehicles With Higher,Capacity.,medium Category Of Bullet Proof,Vehicles Specifically For Kashmir,Valley.,light Category Of Bullet Proof,Vehicles Specifically For Kashmir,Valley.,upgradation Kit For Ak Series,Weapons (3 Piece Picatinny,Rail),Assault Rifles,Moving Target/Portable Target,Set,Pcs For 107 Offices,Ups (0.6 Kva),Ups 3 Kva/1 Kva,Laser Printer Colour/Network,Laser Printer,High End Scanner,Server,Firewall,Tablet,Super Cop Belt Basic Pouches,For Accessories.,advance Small Arms Training,Simulator,Eye Ball/Video Surveillance Ball,Anti Riot Boots,Durable Combat Rucksack(40,Ltrs) For 60 Bns (j&k Based,Units ) + 35 Bns (ne Based,Units) I.E. 95 Bn X 850 Nos.,medium Bullet Proof Vehicles,(Mbpv),Servers Of Int Branch,Selo Amc -1 Year,Hiring Charges Of Dr Site -1,year,amc Of Tep Software -1 Year,Pcs For Computer Labs,Security Audit Of Selo,Laptops For Dago`S Of Academy,Hiring Of Software Personnel,Laptops For 2ic And Above,Officials,Pcs For Computer Labs,Pups Of Belgian Shepherd,(Mialionis) Breed,Driving Simulators For Lmv,Sectionsied Working Model Of,Chassis With Engine, Gear Box,,Inova (crdi),sectionsied Working Model,Engine, Gear Box, Tavera,(Crdi),Sectionsied Working Model,Engine, Tata Sumo Bs-Iv,(Crdi),Sectionsied Working Model,Engine, Bollero,Air Brakek With Abs Working,Model, Tata 1613,Hydraulic Ass
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 25583903
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  163 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Stores During The Financial Year 2017-18 Comdt(Proc) Dte - Ak 47 Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Mp-5 A3 Smg, Glock - 17 Pistol, Ubgl & Matching Grenades, Socks Woolen Hy Khaki, Trouser Ecc, Spare Glasses For Goggles, Gs, Rescue Bag, Carrier Man Pack, Hot Water Bottle Rubber, Winter Overall, Bullet Proof Patka, Non Linear Junction Detector, Fiber Optic Scope, Contactless Stethoscope, 21 Different Types Of Bdd Eqpts, For 10 Cobra Units And, Rajasthan Sector (11 Nos), Dsmd, Hhti (un-cooled) Short Range, Dsmd, Ip Phones, Printers/Plotter, Switches/Firewalls For Old, Location, Full Body Protector For Kashmir, Based Units, Bullet Proof Mobile Morcha, 5 Differential Hematology, Analyzer, Laparoscopy Set, Dental Chair, Non Linear Junction Detector, Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv Against, Condemnation, 43 Nos Bolero And 3 Nos Sumo, Gold, Various Type Of Vehicles For, Ciat Chittor (ciaz-01, Scorpio, S-4 Bs-Iv, 2 Wd -02), Ambulance Against, Condemnation, Various Type Vehicles (ciaz, Sigma(Petrol)-03, Scorpio S-10, Bs-Iv 4wd- 04 Against, Condemnation., Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv 4 Wd For, Sector/Range Hqr, Various Type Of Vehicles (, Scorpio S-10-Bs-Iv 4wd-09, Nos Scorpio S-4 Plus Bs-Iv, 2wd-03 Nos ) Against, Condemnation., Troops Carrier Against, Condemnation, Verna Vtvt 1.4 Ltr Against, Condemnation., Various Type Of Vehicles, Against Condemnation (ciaz, Sigma(Petrol)-01 Scorpio S10, Bs-Iv 4wd-14, Various Type Of Vehicles, Against Condemnation. ( Verna, Vtvt 1.4 Ltr -02, Scorpio-S-2, Plus Bs-Iv-01), Various Type Of Vehicles( Ciaz, Vxi-01, Verna (petrol) Vtvt, 1.4 Ltr -01, Scorpio-S-10 Bsiv,, 4wd) Against, Condemnation, Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv, 4wd, Ciaz Sigma For Cjswt, Belgaum, Various Type Of Vehicles(, M/Cycle-4, L/V-03, Medium, Vehicle-03, Heavy Vehicle-01,, Ambulance Cum Dog Van-01), For Newly Raised Dog Training, School At Taralu (karnatka), Various Type Of Vehicles For, Ciat Chittor (m/vehicle- 0ne, Ton-02, Water Trcuk-02 And, H/Truck-04), Water Truck Against, Condemnation., Vehicles (h/truck-8 And, Water Truck-02) For Csjwt,, Belgaum( Karnatka., Various Type Of Vehicles( One, Ton-43, M/Bus-03, Fire, Tender-01, Water Truck-33,, Heavy Bus-10, Heavy Truck-, 101 Against Condemnation., Upgradation Kit For Ak Series, Weapons (3 Piece Picatinny, Rail), Moving Target/Portable Target, Set, Pcs For 107 Offices, Ups (0.6 Kva), Ups 3 Kva/1 Kva, Laser Printer Colour/Network, Laser Printer, High End Scanner, Anti Riot Boots, Medium Bullet Proof Vehicles, (mbpv), Servers Of Int Branch, Selo Amc -1 Year, Hiring Charges Of Dr Site -1, Year, Amc Of Tep Software -1 Year, Pcs For Computer Labs, Pups Of Belgian Shepherd, (mialionis) Breed, Driving Simulators For Lmv, Sectionsied Working Model Of, Chassis With Engine, Gear Box,, Inova (crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Gear Box, Tavera, (crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Tata Sumo Bs-Iv, Crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Bollero, Air Brakek With Abs Working, Model, Tata 1613, Hydraulic Assisted By Vacuum, Brake With Abs Working Model,, Tata 407 Tc, Working Model Of Power, Steering, Working Model Of Tata 1613, Crdi, Working Model Of Hydraulic, With Air Booster Clutch System, Tata 1613, Sectionsied Model Of Electric, Fuel Pump, Sectionsied Model Of Clutch Air, Booster Tata 1613, Sectionsied Model Of Vp 37, (mico) Tata 1613, Electric Circuit System, Complete Tata 1613 (filo, Board ) Bs-Iv, Mpf I Ignition System Working, Model, Assault Rifles (7.62 X 39 Mm With, Accessories), Pnv Sight For 5.56 Insas Rifle, Assault Rifles, Mgl- (xrgl-40) Pac Basis, Boot Ankle Textile(Jungle, Boot), Tent Extendable (4m), Pf Huts (243 Nos), Pf Huts (1133 Nos), Pf Huts (1105 Nos), Bullet Resistant Jacket, Bullet Resistant Helmet, B.R.Vest, Tactical Blanket System, Ni-Mh Battery Pack For 5w, Hand Held Vhf Radio Sets, Li-Ion Battery Pack 14.8 V For, Vx-1210, Hf Manpack Transceiver Sets 25, W, Laser Printers For Crypto, Centre’s, Line Interactive Ups 1kva For, Crypto Centre’s, 1/5, 25w Vhf With Assys For, North East Based Units, Tx/Rx Hf 100w With Assys, Vhf Repeater 45 W With Assys, Smf Battery 12 V 100 Ahc, Li-Ion Battery Pack For, Gp328/338, Ventilator, Cr System, Physiotherapy- Laser Therapy, Unit, Ground Penetrating Radar, (gprs), Various Type Of Vehicles Against, Condemnation From The Month, Of October,2017 To February,, 2018 @ 30 Vehicles Per Month, Various Type Of Vehicles( Car-02, M/Cycle-12, L/Vehicle-, 15ambulance-03,)Against, Condemnation., Various Type Of Vehicles Against, Condemnation From The Month, Of April-17 To September, 2017, @ 30 Vehicles Per Month., Anti Terrorist Vehicles(Atvs) For, The Kashmir Based Units., Recovery Van( 25 Against, Authorization + 03 Against, Condemnation), Explosive Van For 03 Cws(I,Ii &, Iii), 03 Nos Water Scooter, Armored Tata Safari Vehicles For, 04 Vip Security Bns., Mobile Kitchen Van, Mpvs (out Of Total Authorized, 352 Mpvs) Under Head Mv(G)., Ambulance Cum Dog Van For 19, Bdd Squad And 158 Ci Ops, Units Of Crpf., Water Canon For 10 Nos For L&O, Bns & 6
Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No 25536550
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2018  |  75 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of U Tube Manometer 35-0-35mmh20.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 25565661
Closing Date 19 - Dec - 2017  |  61 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Glass Hydrometre for measuring SPG of flooded type lead acid cell as per IS 9621-1980 Amdt no.1 (Reaffirmed 2012)
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 25233869
Closing Date 14 - Dec - 2017  |  56 Days to go View Tender Details
Development of 50 Nos of Speedometer-SP-135 Of Strela.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 2.40 Million / 24 Lakh
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 25577513
Closing Date 13 - Dec - 2017  |  55 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of LT Tri-Vector Meters.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 2.50 Million / 25 Lakh
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 25578592
Closing Date 13 - Dec - 2017  |  55 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of HT Tri-vector Meters.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tender Value Rs. 100 Million / 10 Crore
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 24977851
Closing Date 11 - Dec - 2017  |  53 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Various Equipment - Automatic Slide Stainer (01, No.), Portable Ultrasound System, (03nos.), Fluid Warming Delivery, System (08nos.), Multiparameter Monitors For, Icu/Recovery (06 Nos.), Near Infrared Spectroscopy, (01 No.), Sternal Closure & Tensioning, Device (02 Nos.), Oesophageal Dilater Set, (Bogies Set) – 01 No., 1000ma Drf System – 01 No., Bronchoscope (Rigid) With, Accessories – 01 No., Complete Pediatric, Laparoscopy Set – 01 Set, Environmental, Decontamination System – 02, Nos., Led Phototherapy Unit – 06, Nos., Mixed Oxidant Generation, System – 01 No., Coblation System For Ent- 01, No., Microwave Diathermy Unit -02, Nos, Combined Electrotherapy, Unit-02 Nos., Leep Unit With Smoke, Evacuation System (01 Nos.), Cardio Tocograph Machine, (02 Nos.), Delivery Table (03 Nos.), Portable Ot Light (03 Nos.), Multiparameter Monitor (05, Nos.), Ultrasonic & Cutting Unit With, Advanced Bipolar (01 No.), Colour Doppler Ultrasound, System (01 No.), Combind Generator Of, Ultrasonic & Advanced Radio, Frequency Energy For Cutting, & Coagulation In Surgery-1 No, 1hp Oil Free Air Compressor, With Membrane Drying–02, Nos., Intraoral Image Plate, Scanner (Rvg) – 01 No., Portable Intraoral Dental Xray, – 03 Nos., Electrocautery (3.68 Mhz) –, 01 No., Led Curing Light With Ortho, Mode – 01 No., Handpiece Cleaning System –, 04 Nos., Vacuum Thermoformer Unit –, 01 No., Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Monitor (01 No.), Transcranial Doppler System, (01 No.), Film Digitizer (01 No.), Cryostat For Frozen Sections, (01 No.), Automatic Tissue Processor, (01 No.), Fully Automated, Nephelometer (01 No.), Ultrasonic Cleaner – 05 Nos., Endodontic Treatment Unit –, 04 In One – 02 Nos., Surgical Loupes (3.5x) With, Light Source – 4 Nos., Intra Oral 3d Scanner – 01, No., Dental Chair Unit - 05 Nos., Heat Sealing Machine & Roll, Dispenser With Cutter – 01, No., Pcr Workstation – 01 No., Bio Safety Cabinet Class Ii, Type B2 – 01 No., Fully Automated, Coagulometer (01no.), Advanced Fluorescence, Microscope With Accessories, (01 No.), Fully Automated 5 Part, Differential Hematology, Analyzer (01 No.), Fully Automated, Chemiluminiscence System, (01 No.), Automated Slide Stainer (01, No.), Upright Research Microscope, With Dual Teaching Head,, Imaging Camera & Image, Analysis System With Printer, (01 No.), Elisa Reader With Washer &, Printer – 01 No., Fluorescent Microscope For, Microbiology Department – 01, No., Washer Disinfector – 01 No., Abg Machine – 01 No., Microdebrider System – 01, No., Video Laryngoscope With, Telescope – 01 No., Impedance Audiometer – 02, Nos., Magnifying Laryngoscopes, With Light Source – 02 Nos., Ot Table (01 No.), High Speed Autoclave (01, No.), Nathanson’s Liver Retractor, System(01 No.), Head Lamp Set With, Operating Loupes And, Goggles (01 No.), Mobile Ot Light Shadowless, (03 Nos.), Shadowless Ot Light(Ceiling), Without Camera System (01, No.), Electro Surgical Unit – 01 No., Ot Table – 01 No., Cautery Machine – 01 No., Microvascular Surgery Set –, 04 Set, Maxillofacial Ostesynthesis, Instruments – 01 Set, Plastic Surgery General, Instruments Set - 03 Set, Diode Laser For Vascular, Lesions With Integrated, Cooling – 01 No., Blood & Fluid Warming, System (01 No.), Ot Table (02 Nos.), Surgeon Operating Chair (02, Nos.), 12 Channel Ecg Machine (02, Nos.), Aortic Partial Clamp For Mics, (Cabg) (01 No.), Haemodialysis Machine (04, Nos.), Vacuum Pump (01 Nos.), 2hp Oil Free Air Compressor, With Membrane Drying–03, Nos., Mobile X-Ray Machine – 01, No., Pediatric Video Bronchoscope, -01 No., Pediatric High Frequency, Ventilator With Conventional, Ventilator – 01 No., 27.11.2017, 64 Channel Polysomnography, With 32 Eeg Channels – 01 No, 27.11.2017, Vacuum Pump (01 No.) 04.12.2017, Resectoscope With Office, Hyteroscope (01 No.), 04.12.2017, Head Up Tilt Test (01 No.) 04.12.2017, Anesthesia Work Station (02, Nos.), 04.12.2017, Multiparameter Icu Monitor, (Bed Side) Upgradeable (24, Nos.), 04.12.2017, 32 Channel Eeg (Bedside) 04.12.2017, Pediatric Transport Ventilator, – 02 Nos., 04.12.2017, Portable Ultrasound With, Echocardiography Machine –, 01 No., 04.12.2017, Abg With Electrolyte Analyzer, Machine – 01 No., 04.12.2017, Impulse Oscilometry System, – 01 No., 04.12.2017, Macroduct Collecting System, With Inducer & Sweat Analyzer, – 01 No., 04.12.2017, 3d Echo-Cardiography With, Colour Doppler – 01 No., 11.12.2017, Urodynamic System With, Pediatric Probes – 01 No., 11.12.2017, Anaesthesia Workstation – 02, Nos., 11.12.2017, Ent Treatment Unit – 02 Nos. 11.12.2017, Molecular Generator For Ent, – 01 No., 11.12.2017, Bed Side Monitors (06 Nos.), With Central Station (01 No.), 11.12.2017, Fully Automated, Chemiluminiscence Based, Immunoanalyzer – 01 No., 11.12.2017, Endobronchial Ultrasound, With Tbna – 01 No., 11.12.2017, Pediatric Ventilator With, Humidifier – 04 Nos., 11.12.2017, Radio Frequency Machine –, 01 No., 11.12.2017, Endoscope Reprocessor – 01, No., 11.12.2017, Endoscopic Co2 Regulation, Unit – 01 N
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 25409631
Closing Date 11 - Dec - 2017  |  53 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of advancd research microscope, 3D scanning system, super conducting wire, caustic soda flakes, G-M cryocooler system, hybrid mode sintering equipment dressing gauzes, laser flash thermal diffusivity measurement system, constant current bipolar regulated magnet power supply, clock module.
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