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>> Industry - Glass and Glassware
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 14043709
Closing Date 29 - May - 2020  |  736 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Mirror 6mm Thick 244 X 75cm 4 Side Polish 4 2 , Screws.
Sector Printing Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 29370172
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2019  |  311 Days to go View Tender Details
empanelment of vendors , computers, computer peripherals and xerox machines. e.g. lipi data printer, xerox , machines, hcl computers, printers, etc. , all electrical & electronics items., forklift trucks & stackers., machinery & mechanical items., air conditioners & water coolers, dg sets, 500 kva & 125 kva, ventilation plant, cctv, siemen – ac, dc drivers, plc’s pcb’s, machine cleaning material, hosiery cleaning cloth., cotton waste cleaning cloth., knife for scan coin, poly yarn thread., cotton waste fine, corn cob, cimperial c-60, charcoal , graphite crucible, material handling equipments., acrylic sheet, rubber bands., corrugated boxes., hdpe woven sacks., bopp tape/ cello tape, cotton tape, cotton yarn, plastic string with metal clip., shrink wrapping film , wooden packing boxes, polythene bags, pp bags, ldpe film etc., medal cases, stands, acrylic cases, acrylic, stands, blister pack, ribbon for medal and other, packing material, jute bags / gunny bag, jute long, jute rope 2 ply, ¼” dia, stickers, labels, printed materials, ply wood, sal wood etc. a4 size xerox machine paper. , continuous computer stationary paper with, perforation on both sides., fax rolls., registers & writing pads., pens/ pencils etc., box files / office files., muster roll., office related stationery., box files, office files etc. diaries & calendars, others., lighting, switches, fan equipment, air, conditioners etc., heating elements, motors dc/ac., solenoid valves., optical sensors, printed circuit boards and electrical modules., transformers., cable (metallic and fiber optic), soldering equipment, power backup systems, ac & refrigeration, dg & compressor, electrical appliances, coffee & tea premix & vending machines, telecom equipment’s, computer, printer and peripherals, computer software, other misc items, fire fighting equipment, safety & security items, amc of fire safety equipment, bearings - ball, roller, needle etc, belts of all types, valves & gaskets, pneumatic cylinders, connectors, pipes etc, pressure gauges & regulators. filters - air & oil, lubricant oils, rubber rolls, gears, pins - straight & taper, shaft, springs, washers, nuts, bolts, screws, hack saw blade (12” & 18”), emery paper, drill bits, pulleys, indl. adhesive, hydraulic oil, gear oil, castor oil, hardware, paints & plumbing items etc, maintenance of mechanical itemsm, endless friction belt, grease sevogem, hammer ball, m. s. container, manufacturing of spare parts of various, machineries, other misc. items., general safety, fire safety, electrical safety, protective clothing, safety shoes, ear plugs, nose marks, hand gloves, other misc items., toiletries & sanitary items, towel, uniform cloth, banian bits, cotton waste, pocket less underwear, hosiery, cloth & rags, shoes (safety & ordinary) & socks, general furniture, office furniture, industrial furniture, other furniture, water treatment chemicals, general chemicals and lab glassware, acid (hydrochloric, sulphuric), pickling & polishing compound, phenol, sodium silicate, sodium dichromate,, phosphoric acid, soda ash (light/ heavy), brushes, chalk pencil, chalk powder etc, cotton duster, cutleries and others, other misc items, tc (tungsten carbide) dies & punches, inserts (polycarbonate etc.), tc & d2 collars, ms drums, civil works.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 26314850
Closing Date 15 - Nov - 2018  |  175 Days to go View Tender Details
Selection & Registration of Firms for Medical Stores- Drugs, Medical & Surgical Consumable, Specialized Surgical Consumable for GI Surgery, UroSurgery, Neurosurgery & Re constructive Surgery, Paed Surgery, Onco Surgery, ENT, OBS & Gyn, Anesthesia, Radiology Consumable, International Radiology Items, International Cardiology Items, Intra ocular Lens & ophthalmic Products, Lab Reagents, Chemical, Kits, Medical Gases, Nuclear Medicine, Narcotics, Hearing Aids, Dental Consumable & Cochlear Implants.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 29466242
Closing Date 25 - Jul - 2018  |  62 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Tumbler Glass Heavy Base Of Capacity 285 Ml Plus/Minus 5 Percent Base thickness 10 Mm Plus/Minus 2 Mm,Thickness Of Glass 2Mm Approx ,Height 120 Mm plus/Minus 3Mm To Is: 1961-68 With Amendment No.3 Of July-2007.Note:- Use Of New Ir logo With 17 Stars.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 29598914
Closing Date 23 - Jul - 2018  |  60 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Spares For An-32 Aircraft - Connection, Handle, Venturi Tube, Oxygen Pipe Line, Ammeter, Tappet, Blister With Sealing Member, Glass, Glide Slope Light, Bolt, Bracket, Clamp/Spring, Bracket, Left Side Panel, Engine Nacelle, Uzr-7a2 Shut-Off/Pressure Reducing Valve, Feathering Switch, Connection, Volt Meter, Current Collector, Oxygen Pipeline.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 29226232
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2018  |  50 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cover pneu 195/70 r15 tubeless 97s/98s steel belted radial highway trade pattern, flap rust slip, cover pneu 9.00-16,cc ply 10, cover pneu 9.00-16,cc ply 10, flap rust slip ittac code no 16n for tyre size 7.50x16, tyre pneu 12.50 r20 ply rating 12, 132g,, tube inner pneu 12.50-20 ( 20 p9 with valve 1158), tyre pneu size-p 235/75 r 15 108 sltx a/t xl tubeless lbpv rakshak, tyre pneu 1220-400-533, 10 pr cc directional, tyre pneu 14.00 r20, tread pattern hso sand off road load index 160/157, speed symbol ‘g’ tubeless, tube inner pneu 1200x500-508 c/w valve, valve details vh 51 mm, bend angle 94 deg horizontal length 66mm, stem dia 14.00mm thread size at trip major dia 13.87mm, 26 tpi, stem dia at base 22 mm across flat base 18.90mm, thread size at the bottom end major dia 21.87mm, 26 tpi, expansion, spring, angle plate, lock ring, pump foot, check valve, complete tale light, main bearing (ud-1, 101.37mm), main bearing (ud-5, 100.37mm), slewing piston, piston (0.010"), connecting rod, ring kit std, spring, piston, wiper blade, roller brg dcan - 3110109835, gear selector transfer box, wind shield glass, complete tale light, guide washer, shim, end cap, spring, cable clip type sleeve, bolt, fan casing, seal cover, stop cylinder, valve piston, screw, lubricatin oil line, expansion, suction tube, cap, elbow tube, needle bearing, bushing, seal ring, spring, bracket, spring, damper, control lamp, cotter pin, o ring, o ring, valve seat, bracket, suction tube, adjusting washer 0.30mm+ -, spacer tube, bracket, nipple, rubber cover, lock ring, o ring, lock ring, handle, bushing, spring, o ring, pin, spring, chain, guide, spring, seal non metallic round section, lock ring, elbow connector, bushing, magnet bar, spring, spring, cover, valve, tee connector, cap, spring, spring, nut, lock ring, tube, tension pin, pad, gasket, gasket, piston unloader, rubber bushing, spring disc valve, inlet valve, elbow connector, spring helical compression, valve seat, valve spring, spring, gasket, washer, spring, gasket, controllamp charge, connector, cotrol unit automatc gear selector, snap ring, tachometer, nipple, gasket, o ring, sleeve ins switch traffic warn light, fuel tube, feed, bushing, hollow bolt, cotter pin, lock ring, lock ring, bushing, lock ring, screw, gate lock, chamber, spring, cock, bushing, tube, socket, delivery valve holder, pressure valve, temp monitor, horn, hose l-1360, pedal contact, o ring, hyd pipe, safety valve, seali ring, gasket, protecting sleeve 4.8mm, hose, o ring, yoke, bushing, pressure plate, elbow tube, air heater, bracket, lock ring, sleeve, boot holder, oil coller, horn buffer, o ring, rear view mirror, solenoid valve, pressure plate, tool kit, clamp loop, tub breather, rubber insulator exhaust, heater plug protector (0085453), latch assy back door, spring pivot pin (0097932), front axel assy 4wd (lbpv), right front door glass (lbpv), front windshield ballistic glass, lbpv), slide glass (lbpv), latch assy frt door lh (lbpv), grommet clutch rel fork (lbpv), spring clip (rear spring) (lbpv), 074048), circlip 32-7 (lbpv), cushion radiator support (lbpv), spring retracting (lbpv), consist of 12 items, spirit denatured, spirit denatured, oil linseed boiled, turpentine, turpentine, white spirit, oil coconut, oil mustard, spirit rectified, mineral jelly (ammuniion), mineral jelly (ammuniion), stapula laboratory 120 mm nickel, apparatus sampling pol all level sampler, chloroxylenol solution, acid hydrochloric ar (500 ml & 2.5 ltr bottles), paper litmus is red (book of 20 leaves), alcohol ethyl absolute ar (500 ml & 2.5 ltr bottles), acid tanni lev bp (100 gm bottles), calcium chloride fused granulated (500 gm bottles), etc.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 29547228
Closing Date 11 - Jul - 2018  |  48 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Glass Sheet Transparent Plane Glass For Releasing & Framing Purpose Size 900X600x5mm Is:2835/87 Rev.-3.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 29362249
Closing Date 09 - Jul - 2018  |  46 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Il-Series Spares - Direct Vision Window Pannel(Rh), Pannel Front Lower (Lh), Rod, Bushing, Connection, Pipe Lh, Cable, Fire Extinguisher, Panel - Glass (Lh), Panel - Glass(Lh), Panel - Glass (Rh), Panel-Window (Lh), Joint - Universal, Spoiler By Encloser, Panel - Upper (Rh), Nose Wheel Tab Washer, Windscreen Wiper Installation, Coupling, Leading Edge, Electrically Heated, Detachable -Rib No 9-15 (Rh), Valve-Check, Coupling, Hose, Oven Installation - Electric, Device For Slat Manual Drive, Cover - Wing (Rh), Static Cables, Belt, Flexible Curtain(Rh), Cable - Telepher Control, Spring, Device, Cargo Handling Equipment Installation, Beam, Rod, Guide Installation, Strut, Cover, Door (Rh), Spring, Bolt, Dme (Sd-67m), Interogator, Gasket, Sleeve, Sleeve, Sleeve, Roller, Accumulator - Hydraulic (V), Radiator, Matching Unit Kp-7-7, Kp-2 Receiver, Rf Head, Indicator Kp2, Pp1 Indicator, Wave Guide Flexible, Supply Unitk P2-83, Power Supply Unit(Kpi-801), Wave Guide Switching Device, Display Code Copying Assy, Circuit Breaker (V), Block (Unit), Coupler, Unit, Unit Signal Ready(V), Shockmount & Junction Box, Sweep Unit2nv-5b, Valve, Usdl, Low Frequency Unit, Starter Generator, Unit Kp2-21, Flight Director In Director, Block, Main Wheel, Control Panel - Winch (V), Temp Regulator, Plug, Glass, Pa Amplifier, Bolt, Heat Set.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 29527278
Closing Date 05 - Jul - 2018  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Mirror Assembly To Icf Drg.No.Icf/Std-6-3-008, Col-I Alt:P/Nil.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 29501018
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2018  |  37 Days to go View Tender Details
expression of interest is invited for empanelment of firms for the supply of chemicals , glassware , plasticwares for the use of laboratories of the university science departments for the year 2018-19.
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