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Sector Water Storage and Supply Tender Value Rs. 34 Thousand
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 33387152
Closing Date 20 - Jan - 2020  |  333 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of material, cement, bajri, first class brick ~ etc for construction of water course chak 5 bhm under mnrega.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam - India Ref.No 33069139
Closing Date 20 - Dec - 2019  |  302 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of 1.00 Km Long Approach Road (500.00m Long New Road as Per Oil Standard and Repairing 500.00 M Long Existing Road) & Construction of Plinth, Road Over Plinth, Effluent Pits with Suitable Bundhs, Embankments & Construction of C.c/r.c.c. Foundations with Pillows to Suit Vfd Rig Outfit at Nhk(n/s) Area Including Supply of All Materials Except Cement, Empty Bitumen Drum Sheets and Empty Cement Bags ~ .
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value Rs. 7.41 Million / 74.10 Lakh
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 28971293
Closing Date 24 - May - 2019  |  92 Days to go View Tender Details
Piece Work Contract-Execution Of Works And Supply Of Materials Including Supply Of Cement And Reinforcement Steel In Senior Section Engineer/P.Way/ Section In Tiruchchirappalli Division For The Period From 01.07.2018 To 30.06.2019.
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 33532001
Closing Date 23 - Mar - 2019  |  30 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of Part No S415517 , Industrial refuse consisting of following scrapped items generated from all depts. or by any other source of company: Scrapped papers, carbon papers , plastic papers, packing grass, stationery items, gunny bags,/rexine pcs, coir pcs, tea boxes,,scrap glass wool. rubber cuttings, packing waste, burnt coke, cement drain pipe, aprons, emery cloth, sanding disc, grinding stones, all types of scrapped / used / discarded FOS items face shields, all types of scrap rubber fiber glass items,dry/wet conditionOther than Plastic & Polythene/ contains/resedue., Part No Scrap35/Scrap35 NMPL Wooden Scrap consist of in all forms and sizes and any length wood,such as Indian / Foreign Packing Wood, Broken Wood Pieces, Non Usable Broken Wooden Pallets without Metallic Frame, Wood Runner / Battons both Indian / Foreign of all sizes in any length. Wooden cable drums of all size. Bellies, Bamboos and Weathered Wood /Packing soft wood, any type plywood etc. (Segregation or dismantling of stack / boxes is not allowed in company premises,and if done cut piece of wood of any size , shape ,length & chura generated at the time of dismentaling is to be lifted in this category only,dry/wet condition., Part No 012345AC-Discarded Al.Vessels/ Aluminium Scrap in any shape ,size,condition & form.Defaced aluminium Auto Components with/ without attached assy.of metal parts. R & D & Warranty/ Service return components (Mode and extent of Defacing will be at the discretion of the Company), Part No SCRAP56-Corrugated/ Cardboard Boxes wet/dry in any condition, shapes and sizes/ with or without gunny cloth.Contractor to provide two manpower in each shift for bailing corrugated box on site., Part No S415526 types of scrap / leftover Iron & Steel in any Shape, Size/dia/ Dimension such as Angle, Channel, Construction/ Structural Steel,Pipes,roof sheets GI,MS (lengths of not more that 08 feet )and tor steel (used,unused ,mangled, bent, twisted all dia and of any length), Metallic Pallets / Bins, trolley with /without wheel all types of fabricated Items & Left over pieces during fabrication. Steel bailing strip, steel wires, G I sheets, Scrap machine components, cut cabinets,rusty, painted etc. All types of Metallic Defaced Auto Components other than Aluminium received from R & D & Warranty/ Service return components. All types of Metallic Defaced Auto Components received from vehicle PU, Supply Module & Vendor aid (CDA/LRR/DLRR). (Mode and extent of Defacing of Parts will be at the discretion of the Company generally as per the Photograph kept from references with the company). Non-excisable sheet metal parts received from R&D & Warrenty in defaced condition., Part No BOL0277-Used / Scrapped Hardware of all type and sizes & condition, such as bolts, nuts, washers, pins, nipples, spacers, springs etc. (rusty, broken, painted )., Part No. 012345RPE- Rubber Part Scrap consists of all rubber parts with or without assy., Part No. S415614 Discarted glass & glass items in broken condition., PartNo.Bol-0715-Usedwheelsoftrolleyswith/without M.S. bracket, Part No. Bol100220142- Scrap Aluminium Cables - Consist of all types of scrap / broken / used, unused, cable of aluminum/iron with or without armoured. Length not more than 20 mtr. (Part No. N.A.), Part No. Bol100220145- Scrapped office chairs consisting of all types of scrapped, broken chairs i.e. of plastic, wooden, fibre, Metallic, cloth, rexin, foam, revolving type etc., Part No.: Bolero-13 Puncture new tyres removed from vehicle. Scrap puncture new tyres received from vehicle assembly lines, stores etc, Part No: Bolero-14 Used/ Scrapped Three Wheeler Tyre Consisting of scrapped/ used tyres of R&D vehicles, Plant vehicles, warranty return etc. without tube. In any condition/ make/ size (cut/bent/worn out)., Part no.-SCRRP0012, Scrap-Defaced rejected Steel Component, All type of metalic component received from vechile PU,supply module ,vender aid warrentyetc.(Mode and extent of defacing of parts will be at the the discretation of company generally as per the photograph kept from reference with the company.), Part No:S415612-ELECTRICAL CABLE & Wiring Harness received from vechile PU,Supply module i.e. All typres of electrical cable and wiring harness (Mode and extent of Defacing will be at the discretion of the Company), Part No: SCR11022015-(Scrap Cable Iron) All type of cable, Scrap Accelator Cable, Clutch Break Cable Etc Scrap/ Broken, warrenty rejected Service return (Mode and extent of Defacing will be at the discretion of the Company) component, Part No-Scrapped Empty 205/200/220 liters standard cleaned Metallic Barrels of Oils/ Chemicals in any quality in any condition (Good/ Bad/ Dented/ Damaged/ cut/ With holes etc as available. With or without lid/ ring /cover., Part No. 012345PSNE-Plastic Scrap contains all plastic parts, Steering Wheel in boken condition.PP sheet, Drums cut with or without top drums. All type of plastic material/contains/residue., Part No. SCRPOLY
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 5 Million / 50 Lakh
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 33427127
Closing Date 15 - Mar - 2019  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cement, interlocking block, construction material, iron material, electric & sanitary materials ~ .
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 33589419
Closing Date 15 - Mar - 2019  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Applications for registration from the registered / approved firms / manufactures are hereby invited for supply of goods and services for the year 2010-19 printing, printed stationery, stationery articles, supply and repair of furniture, supply and repair of science material for labs, supply of computers and accessories, sports material, teaching aids material, supply and repair of musical instruments, audio visual aids material, trophies ami medals, library books, services of watch and ward, sanitation cleanliness and gardening, hiring of dresses, catering services amc for computers. water purifiers, refrigerator, air conditioners, water coolers, supply of photocopier, digital duplicator, printer for examination if or printing result sheets), transport required for excursion of adventure activates etc. while wash, colour and paint material, sanitary and hardware material, hiring of tent shamiana, bedding, light and sound system, electrical goods supply & repair, budding material {cement sarwl, bricks, rori), cctv cameras, fire extinguishers {supply & refilling of gas etc. & relating service), material for children park, grills, channel gate, gardening equipment, flower poll, flower pot stand (steel / iron), messing / food arrangement, material and services for ala tinkering lab ~ etc
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 33606908
Closing Date 15 - Mar - 2019  |  22 Days to go View Tender Details
Registration of firm ~ for providing of science lab equipment, education materials, sports items, computer hardware and software, medal, printing, publication, furniture, fixture, books, stationary, photography, lab items, musical equipment, sports items, awards, stationary, electric items, furniture (wood, steel & plastic), building materials (brick, cement, sand, bajri etc), painting and white washing items, tent, sanitation items (phenyl, broom, mop etc), DTP work, musical equipment, PA system, hospital equipment, scout guide materials, books etc. ~ #*. Printing of question paper & answer sheet ~ . #*. Hiring of dresses ~ . #*. Providing manpower service ~ security, horticulture & cleaning. #*. Building repair work. #*. Maintenance & repair of building ~. #*. Annual maintenance contract of water purifier, photocopier, duplicator machine, computer printer, computer erector board etc ~. #*. Purchase & AMC of CCTV ~. #*. Annual repair of UPS ~. #*. Making & maintenance of website ~ . #*. Hiring of bus ~ . #*. Supply of materials ~ for repair of wooden/aluminium/steel materials. #*. Hiring of light & sound system ~. #*. Providing of labors ~ (plumber, electrician, cleaner etc). #*. Grass cutting work ~. #Hindi
Sector Minerals Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 33693012
Closing Date 13 - Mar - 2019  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of cement ~ 688 mt
Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 33649205
Closing Date 12 - Mar - 2019  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Pmc/ epcm services ~ for refinery expansion project (mrep) #*. supply of special level instruments - Tubuler, drilling well cement, pumping unit, machinery, premum bills, fuel oil, lubricant ~ .
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 8.14 Million approx. / 81.46 Lakh approx.
Location Kerala - India Ref.No 33726755
Closing Date 12 - Mar - 2019  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of materials - 10 mm metal, M sand, Cement, Quarry waste ~ for mgnregs works in mankulam grama panchayath.
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