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>> Industry - Ball Bearings
Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 18124794
Closing Date 10 - Dec - 2020  |  934 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Bearing Skf 6306z .
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 15672784
Closing Date 23 - Oct - 2018  |  155 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 5/8 Inch Dia Lock Bolt And Collar For 5/8 Inch Dia Lock Bolt. Grip Range Of 5/8 Inch Dia Lock Bolt [Min. 1.000 Inch Max. 1.250 Inch] Rdso Drg.
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 29387054
Closing Date 21 - Aug - 2018  |  92 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Roller Reshelling, Boiler Tubes, M.S.& G.I. Pipe, Chain & Spares, Brass Tubes, Cast Steel Items, Pump & Spares, Stainless Seel Tubes, Packing & Jointing, Roller Shaft, C.I.Sluice Valves, A.M.C For Turbine, Welding Items, Bearings, V Belts, Switchgear Items, P.V.C.Cable, Electric Motors, Nickel Screens, Lubricants, Internet Leased Line , A.M.C For Computer Hardware, A.M.C For Hand Held Computer, Computer Stationery, S.M.S, Sugar Bin System, Centrifugal Machines, Vapour Cell, Juice Clarifier, Falling Film Evaporator, Semikestner, Auto P.H. Controller System, V.F.D, P.R.D, Domite Tips, Caustic Soda, Floculant, Lime, Sulphur Transportation, Hm Hdpe Liner Bags 100 Kg.
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 29208311
Closing Date 14 - Aug - 2018  |  85 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Refactory material, Industrial gas, Mill store hardware, Nut bolt, CI sluice, Angle, Globe, Gate, Double bit Valve, High pressure steam valve, Valve & Cock/ Gauge and recorder, Impeller with shaft, Non ferrous metal, Pipe fitting, Tool tackles, Welding material, Rubber hose/ Sheet, Welding, Tyre coupling, Break liner, V Belt, Motor, Wire rope, MS sheet, Rod, Spring steel plate, Leveler CS hub, Evaporator tube & juice heater tube plate, Medicine, 2.5ā€ pitch sprocket/chain, Lubricator 20point, 40ton cane truck trippler, Coal & Cock, Copper liner, Supporting liner, Wire netting, Waper line juice heater, Screen, CI Coasted item, Non ferrous coasted item, Mill engine spares, Cane cutting/ Meschard nife, Fibrazer hammer, Homite tips, Economizer tube, Gear coupling, Mud conveyor belt, VLJH, Industrial & Decorative paint, Tube cleaning equipment, Rubber molded goods, Centrifugal machine spare, Higflow pump/ spares, Vacuum filter spares, Nozzle, MS pipe, Submersible pump, Wood rod/ Strip, Weighing machine, Sanitation material, Soap, Sand, Bajri, Brick, Cement, Sugar trolley, Boiler instrument panel, Insulating material, Motor spares, Bearing, Power cable, Bulb, Tube rod, Luminous, Meter & General electrical item, Vacuum over suit & Vacuum release valve, PLC panel & Spares, Synchronize timer contactor, Electrical sugar weighing machine, Digital temperature & Indicator/ Timer, Temparatur gauge, Carbon holder, Sand catcher, Diesel generator, AVR panel, ETP system online system, Super heated vass water control system, Rotary compressor, Air compressor, Truck trippler, Auto bearing machine, Sugar bag stitching machine, Bag printing machine & Ink, Load cell wasted, ETP spare parts, Weigh bridge spare, Stationery item, Printing item, Computer hardware & software, Sugar process chemical, Scale softner, Marking ink, Boiler chemical, Bioside chemical, Lab chemical, Thread, Sutli, Polythene, Fabric, DM plant resin & spare, Uniform cloth, Shoes, Hot uniform. #*. Ultrasonic testing & Dynamic balancing, Brass tube cleaning & polythene sheet washing, Fabrication & Erection work, Repair of Belt, Cleaning of Mill gallery, Lath machine spares & Servicing, Store material handling, Truck tippler modification, Boiler retubing, Boiler super heater & Air heater tube, Boiler machinery work, Boiler main hole fencing & machinery, Cleaning of Boiler, Cleaning & Painting of Station / machine, Painting of Boiler chimney, Dismantling & Fitting of IBR steam pipe, High-pressure steam valve, Refilling of Fire extinguisher, Repair of Roof, Guest house, House, Boundary wall. #*. Construction & Repair of Mill. #*. Transportation of Civil item. #*. Civil work. #*. RCC work. #*. Replacement of Secondary clarifier pipe. #*. Laying of Recycling pipe. #*. Boring work. #*. Cleaning & Painting of Wet scrubber. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract of Transient heater. #*. Balancing of Centrifugal machine basket. #*. Modification of Molasses pump. #*. Supply & Installation of PRDS. #*. Repairing of SD centrifugal machine AC panel, Motor rewinding work, ACB Repairing, Can feeding auto control system, PLC type & Mill & imbibition auto control system, Power house relay servicing, Dynodrive AVR card repair, Single entry condenser automation. #*. Supply & Installation of Equipment for Treatment of Spray pond water. #*. Transportation & Loading of Sugar bag, Sugar cane. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract of Cane wement network support & Hardware, Weighing machine. #*. Fixing of Handpump. #*. Sugarcane seed research work. #*. Lagging & Insulation. #*. Hydraulic thruster, Testing refilling & spares of Hydraulic accumulator. #*. Chemical cleaning of boiler. #*. ETP operating. #*. Bagasse shifting/ Feeding work. #*. Transportation of Chemical, Sulfur. #*. Reprocessing of Sugar. #*. Cleaning of Boiler, Chamber, Juice heater, Evaporator tube. #*. Bagasse bailing work. #*. Removal of Garbage. #*. Cleaning of Cane carrier.(Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar - India Ref.No 28663337
Closing Date 26 - Jul - 2018  |  66 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Steel wire rope 28mm dia galvanized, Standard Hand tools set, Supply of Items for feed pipe system for conversion of BOXNHL wagons from single pipe to twin pipe air Brake. #*. Equalizer (modified ), compensating beam, Link for modified suspension arrangement, Equaliser pin (size:65x134mm) for WAG7 Locos, Axle box bearing, contact socket, Laminated window Glass, Set of male coupling and female coupling, Set of vulcanized butadine rubber, Lamp, Primary cell SITEL.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 29359314
Closing Date 16 - Jul - 2018  |  56 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of An-32 Spares - Current Input, Relay, Packing Ring, Amplifier, Amplifier, Rectifier Unit, Amplifier Yrt-2t, Syn Transformer, Control Assembly, Instrument Amplifier Up3t, Pressure Unit, Transformer, Packing Ring, Hyd Motor, Magnetic Head, Gasket, Hand Wheel, Rehostate, Switch, Capacitor, Dial Indicator, Micro Switch, Relay, Relay, Lamp, Clamp, Gasket, Holder (Rh), Bolt Wing Centre Sections Leading Edge At, Hinge Half,Lh, Clamp With Rest, Drum, Bushing, Wing Nut, Bowden Cable, Lock, Standing Wire With Eyes, Lever, Guide, Stencil, Guard, Support, Housing, Control Rod, Fuel Tank No.2,Lh, Branch Pipe, Plate, Clamp, Link, Elbow, Bottle, Gasket, Bracket, Bracket, Right, Rod, Control, Knob, Lock, Gasket, Pressure Door Closed Position Indicating, Gangway Bracket, Swivel Gland (Lh), Elbow, T-Piece, Pipeline, Section, Bracket, Lh, Spray Manifold, Bolt, Pipe, Clamp, Access Door, Left, Right Side Panel, Engine Nacelle, Bracket, Tube, Stop, Cargo Door Barrier, Panel, Receptacle, Loom No 13, T-Piece, Transistor, Capacitor, Resistor, Micro Switch, Bolt, Shackle, Bunch Ckb, Spring, Gau 21 Filter, Inlet Connection, Ball Bearing, Ring, Screw, Bushing, Cring.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 29225849
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2018  |  53 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cord power electrical copper conductor 1.5 mm & pvc insulated pvc single core flexible, adapters, lamp filament 4v,12w,mes clear, fuse pk45-3, socket wrench for battery, hooter, pdu cp ac, jb rp, pdu-sp, pdu sp harness, pdu rp harness, pdu cp dc, 100 a contactors, 100 a fuse, proximity switches, lever type limit switch, plunger type limit switch, battery charger, 400 a fuse, 600 a contactors, msc switch type:800a1c2e4j2l2m1n1g, standard contacts no.20 male, rotary switch three way with off 240vac,63a type n, high performance thermal magnetic circuit breaker,, switch single pole on/off 35a/27v type: b-45m, ac line filter 240v 63a 1ph (type no fn 2010, 60-24, dc-dc convertor card for bty cahrger (card no fbc-, pfc control card for bty charger (card no pfc-2a-0, pfc primary power card for bty charger (card no pf, vicor maxi dc-dc converter 400 watts i/p : 18-36v, o/p 12v (vicor type no v24a12t 400bn3, transformer main for bty cahrger, secondary rectifier and control card for bty charg, disc spring-92041101(plain type) (bauer), o-ring 85 x 5, needle roller thrust bearing nk x 60 (skf), needle roller thrust bearing nk x 60 (skf), high volt relay pt no. ev200haana type:1-1618002-8, ac, 3ph 440v/50hz contactor with auxiliary contacts, 220v ac operated coil, contact rating 60a type: lc1-d40m7, relay, non latch pcb mountable, 4pdt, coil voltage =28vdc, 5a type : m 220-d-1-a, led light set consisting of 5 nos, ciu, external cable harness set, external cable harness set, lighting unit harness, lighting unit, ethernet switch, audio amplifier, 6 watt speaker, analog io interface pcb assy, rt fu card, gate driver card, servo controller card, bahm unit, servo amplifier unit, power supply card, rocket simulator, aux computer transistor pcb assy, inverter 400 hz, remote firing console, rocket programmer (hh), temperature controller card, display unit, local controller unit (leu), firing interlock pcb assy, power supply pcb (fcm) assy, on-off valve driver pcb assy, level sensor data processing pcb assy, servo motor, 5v vicor pcb assy, pdu-rp, cpu (pentium) module assy, pwm controller pcb assy, 25w +- 15v power supply pcb assy, resistor diode pcb assy, push button msc switch color=red type:800a1c2e4j2l, battery 12v 55 ah at 20 hrs rate (vrla), 400 hz inverter card, operational interlock pcb assy, outirigger controller in oc pcb assy, elevation resolver, rocket firing driver pcb assy, single slot cpu board with 1.4 ghz pentium -m 1 gp ddr - 267, az el joystic amplifier pcb assy, rt fu unit, bahm card, 12v vicor pcb assy, bahm control pcb assy, kbd & micro controller pcb assy, serial i/o isolation pcb assy, power relay interface pcb assy, mode selection relay pcb assy, viccor 15v output power supply module, assy, inductive proximity switch type no -ii 5346/iib/30, device driver pcb assy (igbt), calex power supply pcb assy, fuse interface and distribution pcb assy, control pcb assy em brake, em brake drive and amplifier disable command generator pcb assy, sine wave inverter control pcb assy, sequencing interlocks for allied circuits pcb assy, rheostat assy, 12v, plug electrical two pin, glass, sun, optical instrument neutral tint change on 32a., socket electrical two pin assy, rectifier assembly metallic, resistor, switch rotary with long shaft 16a 250v ac/dc, capacitor fixed paper dielectric 6uf,600vdc, resistor, capacitor fixed paper dielectric 1mfd, switch sensitive single pole double thread 2.25a 250v c 15a 250 vdc, sheath insulating x 13-1-16 bl, wire coupling single conductor x 10-16-6sv, sleeving electrical pvc 20 mm id and 0.85 mm thick red (sea-23), cable electrical rubber insulated 2x 0.75 mm (drg no-bo fors 6181694, sleeving elect pvc 13mm id & 0.85mm thk red sea-19, feed pump assy, nut , lock, element filletr, bolt clamping m 10x65, nut, assy lub oil supply pipe, element primary, elect lub oil temprature gauge 40-150/160 c 12v vdc, element, gear brush, spanner,tappet,adjusting, spanner box, fuel filter, screw, banjo bolt (8x1), washer banjo bolt, plug water jacket, jet assy, cable electric 2 core flat 24-0.2vr insulated tc wire braided 0.75 sqmm, cable elect 2 core pvc ins and screened 0-001, strap leather 19mm wide 710 mm lg with polished brass roller double buckle with br, cord electrical atc , 2 core 0.5 mm elastomer insulated circular & elastomer sheathed, cable vehicle , electric single conductor 90.012' mtrs annealed in off bare copper conductor pvc insulated braided lacquired, cable power electrical flexible tinned annealed copper conductor 0.75 sg mm elastomer insulated, cable power electrical atc conductor 2.5 mm heat resisting elastomer single core heat resistant, cable-special purpose electric vehicle copper conductor 10.0 sq mm pvc insulated for general wiring, wire electrical copper soft 11-11 mm stranded, cord power electrical atc conductor 16x16 mm elastomer insulated three core elastomer sheathed flexible, drum cable no 7 mk 5-1, insulation sleeving electrical pvc 2-mm id 0-5mm wall thicknes
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 29225924
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2018  |  53 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stem packing for 3 ball valve, hose delivery dia 38mm - 30m long, v belt b-67/1720, hose kit, cap female for 63 mm hose, cap female for 38 mm hose, coupling kit, coupling 75mm female, coupling 38mm female, suction hose 75mm-8m long, ball brg shield, impeller, ball bearing de skf 6306 zz, ball bearing de skf 6206 zz, push tap ss, push tap seal, pipe wrench 350 mm, coupling 75mm male, cap male for 38mm hose, greaves pump set, oil seal for housing, hose rubber 75 mm x 3 mtrs long with coupling, blanket fire 1.6m x 1.6 m without container, coupling suction hose screw female 75 mm, suction tee, first aid box, strainer suction fire hose 100 mm, nozzle branch pipe fir hose 12 mm is:903, seal sepcial suction mechanical, redial seal housing , gm, washer lather 63 mm (21/2"), ball brg driving end skf 6304, shaft ss, ball brg driving end skf ms-ii, ball valve 50 mm ss (pie-088 iv ace/v/47), seal mechanical carbon complete, coupoling fire hose instantaneous female 63mmx70mm, torch hand safety, washer rubber 63mm, housing assy, butterfly valve 125 mm, clip hose (size 50 mm x 62mm: 2" x 1/2"), hose rubber 100 mm x 3 mtr long without coupling, basket strainer suction 100 mm (4") to is:3582-66, impeller, pump centrifugal, gm, valve ball 80mm, pressure gauge, mech foam ext of 9 ltrs cap with co2 gas catridge coupled with hose & foam making, valve monitor control ball (ss) 75mm, belt axes fireman's handled, hose assembly polyster fabric lined reinforced rubber (rrl) delivery complete, charge, fire extinguisher mechanical foam 50 litre, charge fire extinguisher water type 50 litre, charge fire extinguisher mechanical foam, chaege fire ext dry powder 56 kg (dry chemical powder 5 kg), charge, fire ext mech foam 9 ltr for high altitude and sub zero temp conditions upto, charge, fire ext dry powder 2 kg (dry chemical powder 2kg), ext fire, co2, 2 kg capacity portable to spec no ind/cqafe/prov/0193-2005, hose controller percolating (cpl) deivery without coupling for fire fighting size, hose conroller percolating (cpl) delivery w/o coupling for fire fighting size 70mm id x, hose assy rubber suction armouded complete with screw coupling size 100 mm, hose assy rubber suction armouded complete with screw coupling size 100mm x, hose assy rubber suction armoured 100mmx2.5m long with gun metal coupling, charge fire ext dry powder 25 kg (dry chemical powder 25 kg), extinguisher fire co2 6.5 kg capacity single cylinder trolly mounted, charge fire extniguisher dry powder 1kg co2 gas cartridge 30 g, charge fire ext dry powder 25 kg/50 kg/75, kg carbon dioxide gas cylinder 2 kg, charge fire ext co2 gas cartidge 60 gm, charge fire extingusher dry powder 75, (dry chemical poder 75 kg), hook fire 3.5 m, fire extinguisher fire co2 water tyype, ltr capacity high pressure (without, charge fire extniguisher mech foam 9 ltr plain type aqueous film forming foam(afff), charge fire ext, dry powder , carbon dioxide gas cartridege, 200 gm, hose non metallic controller percolating (cpl) delivery w/o coupling for fire, foam liquid aqueou film forming foam type 6 for fire fighting in 20 trs container, charge fire ext water type (gas pressure) carbon dioxide (co2) gas cartiridge 90 gm, charge fire ext mech foam 9 ltr plain/high altitude & sub zero temp conditions co2, bell fire, shovel gs 200 x 240 mm is:274 (part-1), branch pipe foam making fb-10xis:2097, foam proin liquid for fire fighting in 20 litre container, extinguisher fire dry powder 50 kg capacity duly charged trolley mounted, extiguisher fire dry powder 75 kg capacity duly charged trolley mounted, charger fire ext dry powder 1 kg dry chemical powder 1 kg ind/cqafe/priv/0172, compound foam liquid aqueous film forming type 6 freeze protected to minus, axes firemen handled, fire ext dry powder 2 kg ind/cwafe/prov/0182-2003, fire proximity suit (over all style med size), ladder fire extension 7.5 mtrs, hose polyster fabric rubber lined reinforced rubber (rrl) delivery without, beater fire mk 3, extinguisher fire mechanical foam 50 ltr capacity trolley mounted (wo charge), breathing apparatus self contained compressed air 30 minutes duration 1200, impeller (2nd strage) od 245xid35.5x47.7 long, pump centrifugal single stage, extinguisher fire, co2 water type 50 ltr capacity trolley mounted (w/o charge) as, pump centrifugal single stage 2250 lpm at, kg/cm2, pump centrifugal single stage 2250 lpm@ 7kg/cm2, impeller, gm, ss washer 5/8", rubber hose (sae 100r6) with nut ends, 25.4mm(1") x1.5m long, o' ring 290x4mm, pump hour meter, hose strap type eacanvas 40 mm x 860 mm, spring, ss, oil seal 47x35x7, seat valve rubber ,5mm thick, 76mm width, 86mm long, bearing ball single row redial 41.3 (1.5/8") drive end m-13.1/2", shaft, wrench suction, 100mm to is: 4643, nozzle branch pipe fire hose 20mm is: 903, pipe, gasket rubber 50mm, gauge pump ressure, gasket foot plate, rope manila 51mm circum 30 mtr long, ball valve ss 12.7 mm (1/2") (ii-262/xvi/2), rubber packing 104x104x891 id x 2mm, valve ball 25mm
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 29226031
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2018  |  53 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of assy squib connector, fire sensitive unit td-1, fire extinguisher 3.5 kg btm halon 1301 squib operated, fire extinguisher portable 2kg bcf halon 1211, mcu, ir detector unit, hose clamp sst 25, fire wire (ntc) 6.1m 20 ft, bracket, gasket, head body, bolt, bottle m 3.5, gasket, halon gas 2402 (khaladon 114b2), clip, cylinder/extinguisher fire, cylinder, body head, pipe line, pipe, pipe, mannual fire extinguisher, clip, plug, striker, gasket, stopper, pipe, pipe, pipeline, pipe line, bracket, halon gas 1211, halon gas 2402 (khaladon 114b2), optical sending unit od1-1s, electric motor mw-67, lever, rubber buffer, assy cover plate fuel cooler fording, steel balls for roller bearing q10 is 2898 1965, steel balls roller bearing q6 is 2898 1965, yoke with locking pin teleflex part no. 202779, gasket, sealing ring, sealing ring, screw plug, suction filter, steel ball roller bearing 9 is 2898 1965 gda 1, wire rope nominal dia 1.2x140 long construction 6/1 is 5836 1977, circuit breaker 10 a/eta 483 96 tc k14 10 a, circuit breaker 15 amps 483 96 tc k14 15a, circuit breaker 2 amps eta, circuit breaker 5 a/eta 483 96 tc k14 5a, assy tube bend, flexible wire braided rubber hose 8mm5/16 id with m16x1.5 female swivel end fitting at both ends suitable for working pressure of 30kg per sq cm, wire braided hose id 28.6 od 38.1 75 long sae 100r5, rayon braided hose id 19 od 31.9 350 long sae 100 r3, wire braided hose id 22 2 od 31 4 long 500 sae 100r5, hose clamp stainless steel 45 is 4762 1984, hose clamp 45 stainless steel is 4762 1984, hose clamp 35 stainless steel is 4762 1984, hose clamp 25 stainless steel is, clamp hose size90mmfor hose70mmto90mmod, insert micro super filter (coil type), nipple grease special 1/4bsf zerk straight, buckle 12.7mm, lubricating gun hand grease push type light duty, gun spray assy, chain assy tyre parsons single tyre size 266.70 mm 508 x 279.40 mm, chain assy tyre parsons single tyre(270185 m) tyre size 12.00x20, chain assy tyre parsons single tyre size 13.50 x 20 x 1400 x 20, chain assy tyre parsons single tyre size f 78x15, chain assy tyre parsons single tyre size 355/90x20,18pr, chain assy tyre parsons single tyre for size 14.00x20, fuel filter, element filter, chock stowage vehicular metallic (large), chock stowage veh, chock stowage vehicular timber hard small, cover water proof main, gauge tyre pressure 30 kpa to 620 kpa, gauge tyre pressure 130 kpa to 830 kpa, gauge tyre pressure master type 70 kpa to 830 kpa, extractor pulley rivet motor cycle chain, lever tyre car or truck, leverr tyre car or truck, indicator set 0-200 lbs per sqr inch testing cyl pressure mnfr cryption ref bx 35, expander plston ring 2-3/4" 4-1/2" (69.845x114.5mm), valve lifter spring universal mnfr sykes no.380 or similar, light timing neon tube h/duty baklite case replaceable tube type, tool repair pneumatic type valve mnfr bridge port brass no 67, valve lifter spring car size millenium or terrys or similar, pliers circlip external bent upto 76mm, pliers circlips external bent over 76 mm, extractor wheel 2 arm small, change over switch, rear lamp assy lh, map reading lamp, lamp filament 12v 4w ba15d sbc clear, reflector indicating clearance red 3in (drg fv(s) 21/1), lamp filament 12v 60w ba205 bosch clear, lens tailstop light (mnfr no lucas 576204), lamp filament 12v 36w ba15d sbc clear, lamp roof complete, tail light no 3 mk-3 spn no fv-260950, horn electric 12 volt, bsla 12v 60ah, bsla 12v 92ah, bsla 12v 32ah, bsla 12v 88ah, bsla 12v 2.5ah, bsla 12v 5ah, bsla 12v 120ah, bty 12v 100ah (vrla), bsla 12v 35 ah, bsla 12v 180ah, terminal lug brass sleeved pattern 4.75mm stud hole for 5mm, terminal lug, terminal lug negative, brg ball jnl single row 60mm x130mmx 31mm, brg ball journal single row 85x180x41mm, cage, bearing front, oil seal, oil seal, bulb (12v 5w), spark plug (champion rc8yc), tool kit, head assy cylinder, carburator assy, carburator assy, sensor throttle position, element cleaner, hose outfit, manifold exhaust (maniverter), muffler comp, muffler, pump assy fuel, injector assy fuel, oil filter assy, disc clutch, cable assy clutch, plate clutch, caliper assy disc brake, rod assy steering drag, absorber assy rear shock, alternator assy (lu-26021220), regulator assy, distributor assy, igniter assy, coil assy ignition, controller fuel injection, cotroller assy epi/ecm, head lamp assy, lamp assy front fog, harness assy wiring no.1, switch assy changer over, motor assy wiper, blade assy wiper, horn low, spring assy front, spring assy rear rh, handle with lock assy, nozzle, fog lamp, flasher unit, assy lined shoe(lh&rh), wc kit(minor), w.c.assy lh(top&bottom), w.c.assy rh(bottom), lining kit(std), wc kit(minor), w.c.assy lh(bottom), cyl tandem master cyl (with tank), parts kit brake master(major)28.57, part kit inner(minor), kit minor cyl clutch master, spring leaf assy front, handle(l) out front door, regulator (l) window, switch ignition, seal oil id-42 od-50 w-9, ball brg id 30 od 51 w 17, part kit i
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 29226232
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2018  |  53 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cover pneu 195/70 r15 tubeless 97s/98s steel belted radial highway trade pattern, flap rust slip, cover pneu 9.00-16,cc ply 10, cover pneu 9.00-16,cc ply 10, flap rust slip ittac code no 16n for tyre size 7.50x16, tyre pneu 12.50 r20 ply rating 12, 132g,, tube inner pneu 12.50-20 ( 20 p9 with valve 1158), tyre pneu size-p 235/75 r 15 108 sltx a/t xl tubeless lbpv rakshak, tyre pneu 1220-400-533, 10 pr cc directional, tyre pneu 14.00 r20, tread pattern hso sand off road load index 160/157, speed symbol ā€˜gā€™ tubeless, tube inner pneu 1200x500-508 c/w valve, valve details vh 51 mm, bend angle 94 deg horizontal length 66mm, stem dia 14.00mm thread size at trip major dia 13.87mm, 26 tpi, stem dia at base 22 mm across flat base 18.90mm, thread size at the bottom end major dia 21.87mm, 26 tpi, expansion, spring, angle plate, lock ring, pump foot, check valve, complete tale light, main bearing (ud-1, 101.37mm), main bearing (ud-5, 100.37mm), slewing piston, piston (0.010"), connecting rod, ring kit std, spring, piston, wiper blade, roller brg dcan - 3110109835, gear selector transfer box, wind shield glass, complete tale light, guide washer, shim, end cap, spring, cable clip type sleeve, bolt, fan casing, seal cover, stop cylinder, valve piston, screw, lubricatin oil line, expansion, suction tube, cap, elbow tube, needle bearing, bushing, seal ring, spring, bracket, spring, damper, control lamp, cotter pin, o ring, o ring, valve seat, bracket, suction tube, adjusting washer 0.30mm+ -, spacer tube, bracket, nipple, rubber cover, lock ring, o ring, lock ring, handle, bushing, spring, o ring, pin, spring, chain, guide, spring, seal non metallic round section, lock ring, elbow connector, bushing, magnet bar, spring, spring, cover, valve, tee connector, cap, spring, spring, nut, lock ring, tube, tension pin, pad, gasket, gasket, piston unloader, rubber bushing, spring disc valve, inlet valve, elbow connector, spring helical compression, valve seat, valve spring, spring, gasket, washer, spring, gasket, controllamp charge, connector, cotrol unit automatc gear selector, snap ring, tachometer, nipple, gasket, o ring, sleeve ins switch traffic warn light, fuel tube, feed, bushing, hollow bolt, cotter pin, lock ring, lock ring, bushing, lock ring, screw, gate lock, chamber, spring, cock, bushing, tube, socket, delivery valve holder, pressure valve, temp monitor, horn, hose l-1360, pedal contact, o ring, hyd pipe, safety valve, seali ring, gasket, protecting sleeve 4.8mm, hose, o ring, yoke, bushing, pressure plate, elbow tube, air heater, bracket, lock ring, sleeve, boot holder, oil coller, horn buffer, o ring, rear view mirror, solenoid valve, pressure plate, tool kit, clamp loop, tub breather, rubber insulator exhaust, heater plug protector (0085453), latch assy back door, spring pivot pin (0097932), front axel assy 4wd (lbpv), right front door glass (lbpv), front windshield ballistic glass, lbpv), slide glass (lbpv), latch assy frt door lh (lbpv), grommet clutch rel fork (lbpv), spring clip (rear spring) (lbpv), 074048), circlip 32-7 (lbpv), cushion radiator support (lbpv), spring retracting (lbpv), consist of 12 items, spirit denatured, spirit denatured, oil linseed boiled, turpentine, turpentine, white spirit, oil coconut, oil mustard, spirit rectified, mineral jelly (ammuniion), mineral jelly (ammuniion), stapula laboratory 120 mm nickel, apparatus sampling pol all level sampler, chloroxylenol solution, acid hydrochloric ar (500 ml & 2.5 ltr bottles), paper litmus is red (book of 20 leaves), alcohol ethyl absolute ar (500 ml & 2.5 ltr bottles), acid tanni lev bp (100 gm bottles), calcium chloride fused granulated (500 gm bottles), etc.
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