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>> Industry - Air Conditioners
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value Rs. 3.93 Lakh approx.
Location Tripura - India Ref.No 26555908
Closing Date 18 - Dec - 2018  |  372 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of split type AC with internal wiring at Administrative block-II under NIT Campus.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 23781399
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  110 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Ak 47 Rifle,Sniper Rifle,Mp-5 A3 Smg,Glock - 17 Pistol,Ubgl & Matching Grenades,Assault Rifles (7.62 X 39 Mm With,Accessories),Pnv Sight For 5.56 Insas Rifle,Assault Rifles,Mgl- (xrgl-40) Pac Basis,Socks Woolen Hy Khaki,Trouser Ecc,Spare Glasses For Goggles,Gs,Rescue Bag,Carrier Man Pack,Hot Water Bottle Rubber,Winter Overall,Bullet Proof Patka,Boot Ankle Textile(Jungle,Boot),Tent Extendable (4m),pf Huts (243 Nos),Pf Huts (1133 Nos),Pf Huts (1105 Nos),Bullet Resistant Jacket,Bullet Resistant Helmet,B.R.Vest,Non Linear Junction Detector,Fiber Optic Scope,Contactless Stethoscope,21 Different Types Of Bdd Eqpts,For 10 Cobra Units And,Rajasthan Sector (11 Nos),Dsmd,Hhti (un-cooled) Short Range,Dsmd,Ip Phones,Printers/Plotter,Switches/Firewalls For Old,Location,Full Body Protector For Kashmir,Based Units,Bullet Proof Mobile Morcha,5 Differential Hematology,Analyzer,Laparoscopy Set,Dental Chair,Non Linear Junction Detector,Tactical Blanket System,Ni-Mh Battery Pack For 5w,Hand Held Vhf Radio Sets,Li-Ion Battery Pack 14.8 V For,Vx-1210,Hf Manpack Transceiver Sets 25,W,Laser Printers For Crypto,Centre’s,Line Interactive Ups 1kva For,Crypto Centre’s,1/5, 25w Vhf With Assys For,North East Based Units,Tx/Rx Hf 100w With Assys,Vhf Repeater 45 W With Assys,Smf Battery 12 V 100 Ahc,Li-Ion Battery Pack For,Gp328/338,Ventilator,Cr System,Physiotherapy- Laser Therapy,Unit,Ground Penetrating Radar,(Gprs),Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv Against,Condemnation,43 Nos Bolero And 3 Nos Sumo,Gold,Various Type Of Vehicles For,Ciat Chittor (ciaz-01, Scorpio,S-4 Bs-Iv, 2 Wd -02),ambulance Against,Condemnation,Various Type Vehicles (ciaz,sigma(petrol)-03, Scorpio S-10,Bs-Iv 4wd- 04 Against,Condemnation.,scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv 4 Wd For,Sector/Range Hqr,Various Type Of Vehicles (,scorpio S-10-Bs-Iv 4wd-09,Nos Scorpio S-4 Plus Bs-Iv,2wd-03 Nos ) Against,Condemnation.,troops Carrier Against,Condemnation,Verna Vtvt 1.4 Ltr Against,Condemnation.,various Type Of Vehicles,Against Condemnation (ciaz,sigma(petrol)-01 Scorpio S10,Bs-Iv 4wd-14,Various Type Of Vehicles,Against Condemnation. ( Verna,Vtvt 1.4 Ltr -02, Scorpio-S-2,Plus Bs-Iv-01),Various Type Of Vehicles( Ciaz,Vxi-01, Verna (petrol) Vtvt,1.4 Ltr -01, Scorpio-S-10 Bsiv,,4wd) Against,Condemnation,Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv, 4wd,Ciaz Sigma For Cjswt,Belgaum,Various Type Of Vehicles(,M/Cycle-4, L/V-03, Medium,Vehicle-03, Heavy Vehicle-01,,Ambulance Cum Dog Van-01),For Newly Raised Dog Training,School At Taralu (karnatka),various Type Of Vehicles For,Ciat Chittor (m/vehicle- 0ne,Ton-02, Water Trcuk-02 And,H/Truck-04),Water Truck Against,Condemnation.,vehicles (h/truck-8 And,Water Truck-02) For Csjwt,,Belgaum( Karnatka.,various Type Of Vehicles( One,Ton-43, M/Bus-03, Fire,Tender-01, Water Truck-33,,Heavy Bus-10, Heavy Truck-,101 Against Condemnation.,various Type Of Vehicles Against,Condemnation From The Month,Of October,2017 To February,,2018 @ 30 Vehicles Per Month,Various Type Of Vehicles( Car-02,M/Cycle-12, L/Vehicle-,15ambulance-03,)Against,Condemnation.,various Type Of Vehicles Against,Condemnation From The Month,Of April-17 To September, 2017,@ 30 Vehicles Per Month.,anti Terrorist Vehicles(Atvs) For,The Kashmir Based Units.,recovery Van( 25 Against,Authorization + 03 Against,Condemnation),Explosive Van For 03 Cws(I,Ii &,iii),03 Nos Water Scooter,Armored Tata Safari Vehicles For,04 Vip Security Bns.,mobile Kitchen Van,Mpvs (out Of Total Authorized,352 Mpvs) Under Head Mv(G).,Ambulance Cum Dog Van For 19,Bdd Squad And 158 Ci Ops,Units Of Crpf.,water Canon For 10 Nos For L&O,Bns & 6 Nos For J&K Based Units,Lbpvs Against Condemnation.,mbpvs Against Condemnation.,de-mining Vehicles For Lwe,Area.,recovery Vehicles With Higher,Capacity.,medium Category Of Bullet Proof,Vehicles Specifically For Kashmir,Valley.,light Category Of Bullet Proof,Vehicles Specifically For Kashmir,Valley.,upgradation Kit For Ak Series,Weapons (3 Piece Picatinny,Rail),Assault Rifles,Moving Target/Portable Target,Set,Pcs For 107 Offices,Ups (0.6 Kva),Ups 3 Kva/1 Kva,Laser Printer Colour/Network,Laser Printer,High End Scanner,Server,Firewall,Tablet,Super Cop Belt Basic Pouches,For Accessories.,advance Small Arms Training,Simulator,Eye Ball/Video Surveillance Ball,Anti Riot Boots,Durable Combat Rucksack(40,Ltrs) For 60 Bns (j&k Based,Units ) + 35 Bns (ne Based,Units) I.E. 95 Bn X 850 Nos.,medium Bullet Proof Vehicles,(Mbpv),Servers Of Int Branch,Selo Amc -1 Year,Hiring Charges Of Dr Site -1,year,amc Of Tep Software -1 Year,Pcs For Computer Labs,Security Audit Of Selo,Laptops For Dago`S Of Academy,Hiring Of Software Personnel,Laptops For 2ic And Above,Officials,Pcs For Computer Labs,Pups Of Belgian Shepherd,(Mialionis) Breed,Driving Simulators For Lmv,Sectionsied Working Model Of,Chassis With Engine, Gear Box,,Inova (crdi),sectionsied Working Model,Engine, Gear Box, Tavera,(Crdi),Sectionsied Working Model,Engine, Tata Sumo Bs-Iv,(Crdi),Sectionsied Working Model,Engine, Bollero,Air Brakek With Abs Working,Model, Tata 1613,Hydraulic Ass
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 25583903
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  110 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Stores During The Financial Year 2017-18 Comdt(Proc) Dte - Ak 47 Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Mp-5 A3 Smg, Glock - 17 Pistol, Ubgl & Matching Grenades, Socks Woolen Hy Khaki, Trouser Ecc, Spare Glasses For Goggles, Gs, Rescue Bag, Carrier Man Pack, Hot Water Bottle Rubber, Winter Overall, Bullet Proof Patka, Non Linear Junction Detector, Fiber Optic Scope, Contactless Stethoscope, 21 Different Types Of Bdd Eqpts, For 10 Cobra Units And, Rajasthan Sector (11 Nos), Dsmd, Hhti (un-cooled) Short Range, Dsmd, Ip Phones, Printers/Plotter, Switches/Firewalls For Old, Location, Full Body Protector For Kashmir, Based Units, Bullet Proof Mobile Morcha, 5 Differential Hematology, Analyzer, Laparoscopy Set, Dental Chair, Non Linear Junction Detector, Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv Against, Condemnation, 43 Nos Bolero And 3 Nos Sumo, Gold, Various Type Of Vehicles For, Ciat Chittor (ciaz-01, Scorpio, S-4 Bs-Iv, 2 Wd -02), Ambulance Against, Condemnation, Various Type Vehicles (ciaz, Sigma(Petrol)-03, Scorpio S-10, Bs-Iv 4wd- 04 Against, Condemnation., Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv 4 Wd For, Sector/Range Hqr, Various Type Of Vehicles (, Scorpio S-10-Bs-Iv 4wd-09, Nos Scorpio S-4 Plus Bs-Iv, 2wd-03 Nos ) Against, Condemnation., Troops Carrier Against, Condemnation, Verna Vtvt 1.4 Ltr Against, Condemnation., Various Type Of Vehicles, Against Condemnation (ciaz, Sigma(Petrol)-01 Scorpio S10, Bs-Iv 4wd-14, Various Type Of Vehicles, Against Condemnation. ( Verna, Vtvt 1.4 Ltr -02, Scorpio-S-2, Plus Bs-Iv-01), Various Type Of Vehicles( Ciaz, Vxi-01, Verna (petrol) Vtvt, 1.4 Ltr -01, Scorpio-S-10 Bsiv,, 4wd) Against, Condemnation, Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv, 4wd, Ciaz Sigma For Cjswt, Belgaum, Various Type Of Vehicles(, M/Cycle-4, L/V-03, Medium, Vehicle-03, Heavy Vehicle-01,, Ambulance Cum Dog Van-01), For Newly Raised Dog Training, School At Taralu (karnatka), Various Type Of Vehicles For, Ciat Chittor (m/vehicle- 0ne, Ton-02, Water Trcuk-02 And, H/Truck-04), Water Truck Against, Condemnation., Vehicles (h/truck-8 And, Water Truck-02) For Csjwt,, Belgaum( Karnatka., Various Type Of Vehicles( One, Ton-43, M/Bus-03, Fire, Tender-01, Water Truck-33,, Heavy Bus-10, Heavy Truck-, 101 Against Condemnation., Upgradation Kit For Ak Series, Weapons (3 Piece Picatinny, Rail), Moving Target/Portable Target, Set, Pcs For 107 Offices, Ups (0.6 Kva), Ups 3 Kva/1 Kva, Laser Printer Colour/Network, Laser Printer, High End Scanner, Anti Riot Boots, Medium Bullet Proof Vehicles, (mbpv), Servers Of Int Branch, Selo Amc -1 Year, Hiring Charges Of Dr Site -1, Year, Amc Of Tep Software -1 Year, Pcs For Computer Labs, Pups Of Belgian Shepherd, (mialionis) Breed, Driving Simulators For Lmv, Sectionsied Working Model Of, Chassis With Engine, Gear Box,, Inova (crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Gear Box, Tavera, (crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Tata Sumo Bs-Iv, Crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Bollero, Air Brakek With Abs Working, Model, Tata 1613, Hydraulic Assisted By Vacuum, Brake With Abs Working Model,, Tata 407 Tc, Working Model Of Power, Steering, Working Model Of Tata 1613, Crdi, Working Model Of Hydraulic, With Air Booster Clutch System, Tata 1613, Sectionsied Model Of Electric, Fuel Pump, Sectionsied Model Of Clutch Air, Booster Tata 1613, Sectionsied Model Of Vp 37, (mico) Tata 1613, Electric Circuit System, Complete Tata 1613 (filo, Board ) Bs-Iv, Mpf I Ignition System Working, Model, Assault Rifles (7.62 X 39 Mm With, Accessories), Pnv Sight For 5.56 Insas Rifle, Assault Rifles, Mgl- (xrgl-40) Pac Basis, Boot Ankle Textile(Jungle, Boot), Tent Extendable (4m), Pf Huts (243 Nos), Pf Huts (1133 Nos), Pf Huts (1105 Nos), Bullet Resistant Jacket, Bullet Resistant Helmet, B.R.Vest, Tactical Blanket System, Ni-Mh Battery Pack For 5w, Hand Held Vhf Radio Sets, Li-Ion Battery Pack 14.8 V For, Vx-1210, Hf Manpack Transceiver Sets 25, W, Laser Printers For Crypto, Centre’s, Line Interactive Ups 1kva For, Crypto Centre’s, 1/5, 25w Vhf With Assys For, North East Based Units, Tx/Rx Hf 100w With Assys, Vhf Repeater 45 W With Assys, Smf Battery 12 V 100 Ahc, Li-Ion Battery Pack For, Gp328/338, Ventilator, Cr System, Physiotherapy- Laser Therapy, Unit, Ground Penetrating Radar, (gprs), Various Type Of Vehicles Against, Condemnation From The Month, Of October,2017 To February,, 2018 @ 30 Vehicles Per Month, Various Type Of Vehicles( Car-02, M/Cycle-12, L/Vehicle-, 15ambulance-03,)Against, Condemnation., Various Type Of Vehicles Against, Condemnation From The Month, Of April-17 To September, 2017, @ 30 Vehicles Per Month., Anti Terrorist Vehicles(Atvs) For, The Kashmir Based Units., Recovery Van( 25 Against, Authorization + 03 Against, Condemnation), Explosive Van For 03 Cws(I,Ii &, Iii), 03 Nos Water Scooter, Armored Tata Safari Vehicles For, 04 Vip Security Bns., Mobile Kitchen Van, Mpvs (out Of Total Authorized, 352 Mpvs) Under Head Mv(G)., Ambulance Cum Dog Van For 19, Bdd Squad And 158 Ci Ops, Units Of Crpf., Water Canon For 10 Nos For L&O, Bns & 6
Sector Recreational Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 26288278
Closing Date 21 - Feb - 2018  |  72 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of 2*11 TR Air Cooled Package Type Ac Plants at all India Radio.
Sector Recreational Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 26287948
Closing Date 20 - Feb - 2018  |  71 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 5.5 TR Air Cooled Packaged Ac Planta at Air.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 26313857
Closing Date 30 - Jan - 2018  |  50 Days to go View Tender Details
Development Of 01x Item Of Mechanical Nature - Oil Cooler.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value Rs. 3.44 Lakh approx.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 26546870
Closing Date 29 - Jan - 2018  |  49 Days to go View Tender Details
Comprehensive annual maintenance contract of 04 Nos. duct type split AC of 7.5 Ton for 03 years at SEE/control room.
Sector Other Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Meghalaya - India Ref.No 26550107
Closing Date 24 - Jan - 2018  |  44 Days to go View Tender Details
Processing of Automated Slide Stainer, With Fixed Cost of Consumables / Reagent for a Minimum period of Ten Years and with Five years warranty and Five Years CMC for Department of Pathology. #*. Processing of Multiparameter Monitor - 10 nos against buy back of old existing Bedside Portable Multichannel Cardio Respiratory, BP Monitors, ICU Monitors and Haemodynamic Recorder for the institute. #*. Processing of Dual Channel Pure Tone Clinical Audiometer, with 5 Years warranty and threafter 5 years CMC, for Department of ENT. #*. Processing of PCA Pump - 10 nos, with 5 years warranty and thereafter 5 years CMC, for Department of Anaesthesiology. #*. Processing of High Energy Linear Accelerator with latest technology and complete turnkey works, with 5 years warranty and thereafter 5 years CMC, for the Institute. #*. Implementation / Expedite of e-Hospital (Phase II) hardware and related stores viz. listed stores / items - 24/48 Port Loaded Patch Panel, Patch Cord, UTP Cable, 24/48 Port Rack Mount, L3 24 Port Switch, OFC All Ports, etc in the Institute. #*. Processing of Electrical Items - Air Conditioners, Plumbing, Carpentry, Utensils and Sports Items, on rate contract for a period of two years, extendable upto 6 months, or till the finalization of the next tender, whichever is later. #*. Processing of ENT Operatiing Microscope, Suction Machine, Micrimotor Drill, Diamond / Cutting Burrs, etc for setting up of Temporal Bone Lab under NPPCD, with 2 years warranty only, in the department of ENT. #*. Processing of Platform Lift, Sweeping Machines, Road Sweeper, Floor Scrubber Drier Machine, Microwave Equipment, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Air Blower, etc for implementation of project under Swachhta Action Plan in the Institute. #*. Printing Works - Hospital forms, Registers, Annual Reports, Practical Workbooks, MB Books, Booklets and Prospectus and different formats / banners, etc on rate contract for a period of two years or till the finalization of next tender, whichever is later. #*. Processing of Desktop / Laptop Computers, Printers, UPS, Scanners, FaxMachine, Server, Interactive Board / Panel, LCD / Projector & Otehr Accessories, on rate contract, for a period of one year or till the finalization of the next tender, whichever is later. #*. Processing of Video Thoracoscopic Surgery System and Instruments, with 5 Years warranty and thereafter 5 years CMC, for department of Oncology. #*. Processing of additional requirement of Chemicals, Reagents, Glassware, Instruments, Surgicals, Contrast, etc. on rate contract, for a period of one year, extendable upto 6 months, or till the finalization of the next tender, whichever is later. #*. Processing of Antibiotic Zone Scale, Colony Counter, Spica Table with chair, Digital Thermometer, X-Ray Machine, Drying Cabinet, pH Meter, Embalming Machine, Microscope Binocular (Student), Ph Meters, Hot Air Oven, Densitometer, Gas Chromatograph, Infra Red Spectroscope, Centrifure Machine, etc as per MCI requirement for MBBS Programme. #*. Selection of Service agency for repair, calibration and maintenance of Medical Instruments / Equipments supplied by NACO to Blood Bank Department / Institute, for a period of five years or till the finalization of next tender, whichever is later.
Sector Railway Ancillaries Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 26510291
Closing Date 22 - Jan - 2018  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Set of Metallic Pipe, Filtar Assembly, Filter Fuel Pump Cross Head PM, Lock Assy for M. R. Doors, Push/Pufl Rod, Stainless Steel Louvre Panel & Frame assembles, Gear Case Complete, Wheel Set Guide, Panto Disconnecting + Earthing Device, Earth Return Brush With Brush Holder Assembly, Suspension Tube (Machined), Bull Gear 72 Teeth, Roof Mounted Air Condition System, Ducting Assemblies, Mam Compressor, Roof Line Insulator, Motor Suspension Unit, IGT Based 3-Phase Drive Propulsion Equipmenl and its Comprehensive Maintenance Contract, High Temperature Non Asbestos Fabric Mat, Torque Support, Housing, Elastic ring, Oil Cooler Radiator.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No 26258164
Closing Date 20 - Jan - 2018  |  40 Days to go View Tender Details
Design, engineering, manufacturing of sub assemblies testing, inspection at suppliers workshop, supply of all materials required for site assembly, packing and safe delivery up to NFC site leading to complete erection, final check up testing, trial run, commissioning of all supplied items and performance testing of high temperature sintering furnace along with accessories. #*. Supply of high purity magnesium ingot of grade -I. #*. Design, manufacturing, supply, removal of existing structure, erection and commissioning of induced draft cross flow treated timber cooling tower. #*. Tin ingots of purity, chemical composition and impurity contents of ASTM standard with aluminium content. #*. Supply of copper cables. #*. Supply of thin client with monitor, keyboard and mouse. #*. Supply of HDPE pipes pre fabricated tee and 90 bend items. #*. Supply of welding electrode. #*. Supply of colloidal graphite suspension of make. #*. Supply of anhydrous ammonia in tankers.
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