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Sector Fertilizers and pesticides Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana - India Ref.No 19145124
Closing Date 04 - Aug - 2019  |  620 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual Maintenance contract of residential / non-residential buildings and plant / non-plant buildings streetlights sub-station LT/HT overhead lines offices etc in plant and Township for the year 2016-17.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 25423637
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  129 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of manpower for Cleaning, water work. #*. providing of manpower -labour for road cleaning. #*. Operation and repairing of road light. #*. Providing of operator for personal water supply scheme. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender)
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 25454758
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  129 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of Manpower for Cleaning, water work. #*. Providing of Manpower - labour for Road Cleaning. #*. Operation and repairing of Road light. #*. Providing of Operator for personal water supply scheme at Ravapar Village. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender)
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 21714852
Closing Date 15 - Mar - 2018  |  113 Days to go View Tender Details
Provide shift and management work.(Scanned Image - Kannada Tender)
Sector Minerals Tender Value Rs. 4.63 Million approx. / 46.39 Lakh
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 26061136
Closing Date 12 - Jan - 2018  |  51 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing wire mesh for all windows in Type - D & III (176 Units) Quarters in Township. #*. Mosquito & Pest Control Measures in township and Industrial area for the year 2017-19. #*. Internal White washing and Distempering of vacated Quarters for the year 2017-19. #*. Construction of New Toilet at Crawler shop and Laying Bitumen Road from Main Store to Survey Office. #*. Construction of Drain and Fixing Sprinkler System at the area of DIOM. #*. Renovation of Office, Class Rooms. Model Room of Old VTC. #*. Construction of Sampling Laboratory at KIOM Hilltop including electrification works. #*. Site Development for widening of main road for KV road junction. #*. Laying WBM and Bitumen road for approach of Car shed at Admin Building and New Type C. #*. Construction of Water pond for Boating in Township. #*. Renovation of Toilets in Admin Building at DIOM. #*. Site Development work for widening of Main Road near KV ground turning area. #*. Repairs and Maintenance of Dumper Platform at DIOM. #*. Up Keeping of Sanitation work in Administrative Building for the year 2018-20. #*. Repairs and Maintenance of Engine Shop and Machine Shop at DIOM. #*. Providing carpet lawn with Mexican grass for Township, dist Karntaka state including cutting of Lawn, loading and transportation from Farm house to Township.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 26157851
Closing Date 12 - Jan - 2018  |  51 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of cd work at bharat nagar farm. #*. repair to false ceiling of class room & laboratory of agril engger section. #*. providing replacement of cable & ei at zoo. #*. repairs & renovation of compound wall. #*. providing & laying vetrified flooring. #*. providing replacement to damaged ht cable & joint & stand by cable for lt pole. #*. providing repairs to chain link fencing. #*. repairs & renovation to pump house. #*. repairs & renovation to electric wiring. #*. repairs & renovation elect works for library. #*. providing repairs to street light & pole of right hand side farm. #*. repairs & renovation to ei animal husbandry & dairy deptt. #*. repairs & renovation of vc residence. #*. providing repairs to chain link fencing. #*. providing repairs to suarcan field lab. #*. providing inside colouring to farm power machinery trainees hostel. #*. providing repairs to internal external plaster & grills of hall of department of agriculture prices. #*. providing repairs to seed storage godown & toilet block. #*. providing repairs to roofing & flooring or nursery store rooms. #*. repairs to roof of field godown. #*. providing repairs to damaged canopy, collapsible gate grills of agronomy. #*. providing repairs to flooring water proofing of office building of betalvine research station. #*. repairs to roof of office chili & vegetable research unit. #*. providing repairs to staircase near agonomy department. #*. construction of curbing wall along walking track. #*. providing colouring to main entrance gate. 3*. providing repairs to roof of office. #*. providing alluminium windows, door of hall. #*. development of parking area near uni libray building. #*. providing renovation to ei qtr no pq 1,2,3 &4. #*. providing repairs to false ceiling of meeting hall. #*. providing repairs to ht & o/g cable kit & deterjodated plinth for ht cubical. #*. providing repairs & renovation to qtr no pq 3. #*. providing renovation to ei work shop. #*. construction of cd work. #*. providing repairs to back courtyard flooring of c type resi qtr no 1 to 46. #*. providing renovation to electrical wiring of the office the ad. #*. providing erecting automatic capacitor panel.
Sector Industrial Development Agencies Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No 26184858
Closing Date 10 - Jan - 2018  |  49 Days to go View Tender Details
Conducting Final Location survey including preparation of detailed plans and sections and detailed estimate, marking center line, Geo-technical investigation and detailed design engineering in connection with construction of 3rd line along with Electrification (OHE and General Electrification works) and S & T Works of Various Division of East Coast Railway in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.
Sector Industrial Development Agencies Tender Value Rs. 25.90 Million / 2.59 Crore
Location Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No 26200153
Closing Date 10 - Jan - 2018  |  49 Days to go View Tender Details
Constructing Final Location Survey In Connection With 3rd Line Between VZM PSA (142 Km) Division East Coast Railway.
Sector Fertilizers and pesticides Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) - India Ref.No 25307560
Closing Date 09 - Jan - 2018  |  48 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Process License, Basic Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Manufacture, Fabrication, Inspection By Third Party Inspection Agency (tpi) As Applicable, Transportation Of All Equipment & Material To Site Including Loading, Unloading, Storage, Maintenance, Construction And Erection Of All Civil, Mechanical, Electrical And Instrumentation Works, Installation, Obtaining All Necessary Statutory Approvals From Concerned Government Authorities As Applicable, Testing, Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Sustained Load Test Run, Performance Guarantee Test Runs, Six Months Supervisory Operation And Maintenance Assistance After Gtr, Total Project Management And Handing Over Of New Single Stream Ammonia Synthesis Unit With Ammonia Synthesis Gas As Feedstock For 2200 Mtpd Ammonia Production And Single Stream 3850 Mtpd Prilled Urea Plant And Its Associated Facilities On Lstk And Single Point Responsibility Basis,
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) - India Ref.No 25516374
Closing Date 09 - Jan - 2018  |  48 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Process License, basic design, detailed engineering, procurement, supply, manufacture, fabrication, inspection by Third Party Inspection agency (TPI) as applicable, transportation of all equipment & material to site including loading, unloading, storage, maintenance, construction and erection of all civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works, installation, obtaining all necessary statutory approvals from concerned government authorities as applicable, testing, mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, sustain load test run, performance guarantee test runs, six months supervisory operation and maintenance assistance after GTR, total project management and handing over of new single stream ammonia synthesis unit with ammonia synthesis gas as feedstock for 2200 MTPD ammonia production and single stream 3850 MTPD prilled urea plant and its associated facilities on LSTK and single point responsibility basis,
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